Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hospital Stir Crazy

So, there is always a light-hearted and humorous side of me that surfaces in practically every situation. Don't get me wrong...I can be a complete brat when I don't have coffee, and the day starts off bad, and I get stuck in one of those moods...but when I snap out of it I like to be jovial.

If we were crying one moment, we could be cracking jokes the next moment. If we were getting a little tired and bored, we would try to entertain ourselves. I basically want to let you know that despite the situation we in, we were still able to take a break from the depressive side of things and smile and laugh. My advice to anyone in this situation would be to take a moment to side-step the crap and enjoy the small things that you can.

Here are some of the small things that added to the positive side of things:

You know you've had too much coffee when you begin to lactate the coffee!

Always have to keep it fresh...even when in a hospital wearing a mask.

O yeah, it was the premium stuff too! Forgot to mention that.

I loved the Wish Tree at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation studio...No more sick kids...No More Cancer...and Chocolate for all the children at CHOP.

Survival Meal: it's how you make it when you live in the hospital.

I mean come on...this needs no caption...Logan's butt crack (this is what how we found him at mom and dad's)

Pretty much my motto life motto at this point!

When you get bored you facebook and do things on facebook that bored people do.

Love the mandatory CPR class...I must have saved Cecile about 5 times in was a good day for me.
You've gotta love tall doors with low handles.

Even more-so when you are a tall person.

And we'll end with Oops! No more "oops" with Oops! disposable panties.

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