Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowy Day Project

After making Logan's Toddler Bed I still had some materials leftover, as well as some things left over from past projects, just sitting in my shed. Since the forecast was snow throughout the entire day I thought, what the heck I should make something with these scraps for Logan. Since he is getting older I thought it would be neat to make him something that he could use to do some learning activities, play with his toys, write/draw, etc....

So, what not make him a small table that he can work on! All I needed was a quick trip to Lowes to buy some 2x2 (an extra $3.00). And lucky for me the snow hadn't started falling yet. We are still debating on whether to paint the table, or stain the table, but either way making the table is the same.

Here is my snowy day project:

Table Top: 20x30 plywood
*Underside: 2- 2x2 at 30 inches and 2- 2x2 at  27 inches
*Facing: 2- 1x3 at roughly 30 inches and 2- 1x3 at roughly 27 inches
Legs: 4- 2x2 at 18 1/2 inches

* I go with the measure twice, cut once approach. Just lay out your material as you are working and make sure that you are taking your time and being patient. Taking my time, this project only took about an hour and a half.

Here are the scraps I had, plus the 2x2s I purchased before the snow arrived. The table was going to measure 20x30 and 19 inches high (20x30 because that was the plywood that was already cut, and 19 inches high because that seemed like the average height of most children's tables). Note the stool...that will be a later project to go with the table.

As you can see, my workshop was pretty cold and the snow as just beginning to fall.

After I got my cuts done, you better believe that I headed inside to the comfort and warmth of the dining room.

This project didn't require too much...just some drills bits and screw tips, wood screws, and I did bring out the Kreg Jig since I now have it...but you don't necessarily need it for this project...oh and I did decided to use glue as well.

I used the 2x2 to frame the underside so I could have something to tack the 1x3 board on to. Pre-drill the holes so that the boards don't move around on you when you and putting in the screws.

I wanted to have a 1/4 inch lip on the top so that things wouldn't roll of the end when Logan was using the table, so I used an old shim I found to give me the mark that I needed, and to keep it consistent around the table.

The line is actually going to the be the top lip of the table.

Again, just pre-drill and then countersink your screws so that you can fill it in with wood filler later.

This gives you an idea of the lip edge that helps keep things on the table.

Logan didn't like the mess I was making, so he grabbed the dust pan and broom and cleaned up my mess.

After all four sides and glued and screwed the top is done, and now it just needs legs.

For the legs I just drilled two pocket holes (one hole, two sides) and then glued and screwed the legs to the table.

Now it's time to let all the glue set up and bond the wood together.

And this is what my outdoor workshop had become in the meantime.

Finished product!

One thing that was suggested to me by my father-in-law, as to tie the legs together with 2x2s to add more strength and support to the legs.

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