Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Days: Family Vacation

Back in June we had the privilege of going on vacation with Renae's family to Rehoboth, DE. We had a blast being able to get away for a while and to just relax. I know that Renae was happy to have multiple people around to help out with the little man so that she could just be herself for a while.

It was great being able to hang out with the brothers for a little bit, have dinner together, sit out on the beach and read, play around the pool and most of all just not have an agenda. One of my favorite moments was getting up early one morning and driving to Lewes, DE and grabbing a latte at a quaint coffee shop and sitting outside while reading my morning devotional book.

Here are some memories from vacation:

Logan watching the turtle.

When he was on the move...he was on the move!

Then there was the local playground...don't mind the caution tape in the background...it was safe.

Oma had a fun time playing with Logan on the playground and showing him how she can zip down the slide!

Then Logan had to show her how he can zip down the slide!

Just enjoying some ice cream on the board walk.

This is how we roll! Look at those blue eyes and tan...what a stud.

Then back to the playground.

On the real hot days we skipped the beach and went to the pool.

I had to teach Logan how to properly get into a pool on a very hot day :-)

He enjoyed being like daddy, but wasn't ready for the full immersion into the water :-)

He worked his way in gradually.

And then he finally got in when he was safe in daddy's arms.

The poor man couldn't make it to dinner time and fell asleep on me...and you can totally see my thigh up my shorts in this shot...good thing I was wearing underwear!

Our view from dinner on the dock.

After he woke up and ate all he wanted to do was to run through the restaurant.

Mark and Amanda.

Renae, Logan and I.

Oma and Granddad.

Just chillin...I dunno...maybe future abercrombie or gap model???

He loves ice cream...just like his momma!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Days: Sibling Run

Since last October when I took that first breath depleting 1/2 mile jog through my neighborhood I have changed some things around. I began running on a consistent basis, got myself involved in all sorts of 5k races, and even got my sister involved in some of those races.

It was so much fun to sign up for the Dub-C 4 Miler and train together to get Megan in shape for the run. She learned from her first 5k that you have to allow your body to adjust to the asphalt or you will be paying for it later. She rain a 5k with me back in the spring and ended up with a stress fracture in her foot :(

We ran together for a few weeks leading up to the race starting with a simple 1 mile jog and working our way up to the full 4 miles. She did an excellent job and I was very proud of her for completing the entire things, even when she was toasted part way through and overheard some runners talking about the "b*%^h" of a hill at the end of the race.

Here are some pics from that day:
Getting "mental"ly ready for the race.

The route through Downtown West Chester.

Logan searching for the best view of the start.

All ready and set for the start.

The front of the pack :-)

The back of the pack :-)

Trying to keep it enjoyable on the hills.

Glad that Megan was having a good time!

Karl and I pushing each other at the end.

Finishing strong.

Did all four miles and never stopped of complained once!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Days: Catch Up

Well, I lied back in the late spring when I said that I'd be back :-) I did not realize the amount of work that I would be doing this summer. Even though my regular teaching job halted for summer vacation and Young Life slowed down a bit for the summer time...I still managed to find enough things to keep me busy. I realized just how long it's been since I last posted when I started searching the camera card for some tennis photos that I took and saw all the things that we have done this summer.

I thought I would kick us off with a little update on Logan since we haven't posted on him for a little while. Logan and I have become best buds this summer. I have had weeks where I am away for most of it, and then weeks where I am pretty much home all day every day. This is how we roll:
He feeds me...

We feed ourselves...

We discuss the food we are eating...

And I feed him.

Also this summer, Logan has discovered sidewalk chalk. It is not just that he has discovered it I guess, but more that he is obsessed with it (well that and his miniature rake).

Here are some pics of Logan with his sidewalk chalk:

Choosing the correct weapons...

It wouldn't be right if he didn't get any on himself.

Yeah that's right! As a 1 year old he not only can spell his name, but he is colorful and does it in bubble letters (right mommy?)

And...it wouldn't be complete without trying a sample of the chalk.