Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun with Friends at the Park

Renae and I are realizing very quickly that it is not too common to find people that want to hang out during the day time hours. Most people are working, then go to the gym and then want to be home for a little bit...and understandably so. With a kid though, it has complicated things a little bit. In order for us to go out with our friends, we would need to be able to come home by 7/7:30 to put the little guy down....or find someone to babysit for us. Lucky for us, we have a couple that is going through the same exact stage of life as we are...and they understand the day time "hang out."

We spent some time while I was on break hanging out with our friends the Smiths. We drove up to Andy and Elizabeth's after Logan woke up from a nap and spent some time hanging out with them on the playground by their apartment. We had a blast with them, and hope to do it again some time soon :)

Here ya go!

The classic, candid, father-son swing shot.

Having fun with the little guy.

He may or may not have kicked me a few times...lucky for him I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not.

And believe he...he enjoyed the swing...


Andy and his daughter, Maggie.

He's a good dad!

Then Elizabeth took over the swinging duties :)

Logan helping Andy clean up all the rubber mulch chips...yeah he gave up...too much work!

This was Andy about to play on the thingy-ma-bobber and asking me not to photograph him...

But I did anyways :)

Logan and Mommy about to go down the swirly slide.

Isn't my wife beautiful?

The Smiths giving the whatchamacallit a try.

Logan doing one of his cool guy poses.

I loved this shot for some reason, maybe it's the tiny legs and feet coming from the side of Elizabeth.

Logan always has to try to look sooooo cool!

The Smiths were nice enough to treat us all to a snack. So Logan ate some strawberries...

and playing cards :P
I had some time over break to play around and edit some here are some bonus shots:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ka Chi - Gotta Try It!

I posted early about my friend's Dawn and Sung-yoon opening up their food truck for business not too long ago. Let me just state a few things...and I honestly mean what I am writing here. They are two very awesome people, who put hard work and dedication into the food they make and the people they serve. I not only get to experience the great food, but I get to hear about how things are going and how fast things are taking off.

I'm just throwing this out there... if you are in the West Chester area, a student at West Chester University, or work near West Chester/drive through WC...stop by Church St. and Rosedale Ave and look for them. Their food is great and their service is wonderful.

Here are some of my latest photos that I have taken for them :)

I haven't tried it yet, but I love the fact that they serve seems to be a hit with those on campus!

Gotta rush between classes, but want something to eat...perfect!

Have questions about anything on the menu? They'll let you know about it.

Or having a tough time making a decision...Sung-yoon will help you decided what you want.

Can't leave without trying some of their hot sauces!
Here are a few more that I have been editing:

They have a good meat selection that they hand cut and marinade in their own sauces and rubs.
Ginger Soy Chicken Rice Bowl
Kim chi (I will try anything once...and was glad I did...and I tried it again and again).
The sauces are good. They have a level for everyone. I go back and forth between the Spicy Aoli and the Habenero Persimmon sauces.
When Sung-yoon gets behind a grill something takes over him and he puts out good food.
Dawn and Sung-yoon working side by side getting ready for the rush.
One thing that I absolutely that Sung-yoon enjoys preparing and cooking the meals that he makes. It is always good to see someone enjoying what it is they are doing!

The proud owners.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Logan's Second Easter

Easter, as it always is, was fun this year. I feel bad that I never really get to spend Easter with my side of the family, but there is something refreshing about heading out the countryside of Lancaster County in the early weeks of spring to hang out and relax. Last year, we did spend Easter with my side of the family at Eric and Carol's house for Logan's first this year it was only right to take Logan out to Renae's parents house for their first Easter with the little guy.

It ended up being a beautiful day too! We went to church, packed up the car, hit the road and just let ourselves get lost in the wonderful day that it turned out to be.

Side Note: I am quickly realizing that as a family the only times that Renae and I really get the chance to talk and go over life issues are when we are laying in bed about 2 seconds from falling into a complete dream state...or when we are in the car for trips over 10 minutes.

Here are some pictures from this year's Easter:

He's not always the cute happy Logan you see...but I know you are thinking that he looks cute anyways...this was him before leaving for church :)

He loved his Easter basket goodies!

Then we went outside to have some fun and get some pictures before lunch.

Logan and his Old Man

Logan and his Hot Mama!

I couldn't resist the black and white shots.

Thanks to Uncle Mark I got this nice little shot of Logan.

These are the kind that I want to hold on to for a long time!

We had some fun over on the little hill.

Trying to stand up while on the hill facing down was very challenging to him.

Then we went down below were Mommy taught him how to find the eggs and put them in the basket.

But he was more content just sitting the grass exploring the eggs.

and getting his feet dirty :

Trying to be a little fancy.

I was so relaxed that I laid down in the warm sun and closed my eyes for a little bit.

Then we made our way over to Renae's old play house and swing set.

Logan explored a little bit.

He conquered the slide...

and had fun doing it!

Uncle Mark was so awesome by building Logan a race cart!

And Uncle Mark threw together a  mini slide for Logan!