Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House to Home Pt. 5

Posting about this project makes me laugh a little because it was the first project back in the fall that I was planning on starting in December (which would have been included in the Man Gift to My Wife Series). I had updated the Laundry Closet back in the fall and started drafting plans for doing the hall closet (which is now the “linen closet”). I drew out the plans for what I wanted to do and estimated the materials needed, but then the book sat on my night stand until a month ago. 

I had to chunk this project because I did not have the time all in one day to complete it, so I decided to do some framing here and then do some shelving there. Then come back and touch up a little here and finally paint a little there. 

So here are the project pictures. Enjoy them! There is still one more shelf that I would like to add, but we are not necessarily in a rush to put it in :)
And what's behind door #1?

A bunch of junk that has been piling up over the last year and some change.

Well all of that had to go for now...and then we were left with these...

But not for long!

Then it became time to frame out the first of the top shelves.

And then the side shelves.

Nailed tops on to the frames.

Always a good time when you can play with the compressor and nail gun.

Then after the bottoms were attached, it was necessary to caulk the gaps.

Of course, Logan had to come by and inspect the project after I put the faces on the shelves.

They withstood his rigorous shoving and pushing test.

The top shelf withstood the weight test.

They they got primed.

Then they got a nice coat of white.

And now we have started to put things back into the closet. It still needs the smaller higher up shelf, but that can wait until summer time. I think it's a lot nicer than what it was before!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Box Building 101: St. Patrick's Day

I had only a few things I wanted to accomplish on St. Patrick's Day.

1) Run the St. Patrick's 5k Race in West Chester
2) Have an Irish beer
3) Be outside as much as possible
4) Do as little as possible

I feel as though I did a really nice job of accomplishing all of those things. After running the race we went home and started doing some cleaning....well at first Logan and Renae were napping while I took everything out of my shed and reorganized it all. Then while I was putting this back Renae and Logan went out front to clean the flower bed out.

Then we had some friends come over and just hang out with us outside. Crickett (a good friend from work) came over and we were chit-chatting when our friend Ray (missionary to Kenya) showed up. Renae and I think it's cool that they were both there because the friend that Ray was to Renae and her old company is the same kind of friend that Crickett is to me at my current job. They are both really awesome friends.

Then the Kang's (Ka'Chi Truck Owners) came over to hang out and see if we could help them build a box that would muffle the sound from their generator. So, we put out minds together and came up with a plan.

He is testing the box out this week, so we will see how the base model works...and then make some adjustments from there. Hopefully it will get the job done, but if not then it is back to the drawing boards.

Eying up the measurements for the first cut!

Having saw dust fly into the eye on the first cut!

Logan called out the measurements of the generator to us so that we didn't have to keep measuring them.

Logan and Ray inspected my work as I cut out the hole for the exhaust.

Logan just wanted to be in all the photos that he could possibly be in :)

He got to take a break for snacks and milk!!!! You can tell that he enjoys his snack time!

Although it looks like we are perplexed we were just...well we were perplexed that we had just built a box.

Sung-yoon tested out the durability of the box by playing with Logan inside of it.

However, Logan stayed in to inspect a few more things and was letting us know what his thoughts were.

Logan has a crush on Dawn. He was trying to act all cool, but he couldn't help but smile.

They played peek-a-boo through the exhaust vent.

I love this shot of Logan.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's 5k: Thanks Mom!

So my mother decided to sponsor me for the St. Patrick's Day 5k race held in Downtown West Chester. I had posted a Personal Best a little while ago at 27:35 for the 3.1 miles. I wanted to bring that time down, and the last time that I went running for a personal best I ran it around 27:40. I was hoping that maybe the hype from the race day, along with the St. Patrick's Day atmosphere, and the fact that someone paid for me to race...that maybe, just maybe I could get the 5k in 27 minutes flat. I always have two goals however, that 27 minutes being the first, and getting anything under 27 minutes as my second.

I achieved my goal!

I ran the race and here are the results:
NikePlus had me clocked at 27:38
The official race results have me clocked at 26:42 (and so does Renae's picture)

Now, for my next one I wanna see if I can hit 26 flat!

The nice thing about Saturday was that the weather was gorgeous. Renae agreed to come down and hang out with Logan in West Chester and take some pictures while I ran. I am glad that she is so supportive of me :)

Here are some pictures from the race:

All 400 or so of us lining up for the start.

And we're off...I had to strategize how I  was going to make my way around some of the runners.

Making it happen!

Lol the pace was a bit quicker than what I normally run, and we had a nice little hill here...I thought I looked bad, but Renae pointed out #2129.

Just keeping it focused.

My friend Kate from work was also running, and Renae caught her posting a 24:09!!!

Here is where I finished at time I intend to sprint up the hill at the end to shave off some of those seconds.

Afterwards I wanted to sit and chill out while we talked with Kate and her husband Pat.

And I had to get a Personal Best Accomplishment photo with Logan :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House to Home Pt. 4

The other office project that I knew wouldn’t be tough, but I left lingering were the stairs. I didn’t want to touch the stairs until I knew I was done making a mess on or around them. I think that time has finally come. Since I had primer for another project, which I’ll get to later, I decided that it was time to take care of those old and nasty looking stairs. They needed a touch-up. They needed some TLC. They needed a couple coats of paint and some carpet treads. 

So… I cleaned the stairs, laid down some primer, topped it off with some of the trim paint that we have been using and then stapled down some tread carpets. And… Voila, c’est fini! Well, there is still the railing and spindles...but that will come when I have a little more free time.


The view from the top of the nasty stairs.

The view from the bottom of the nasty stairs after we wiped them down.
The stairs were then primed, and after that dried all the seams were caulked. This was actually good because it stopped all of the stairs from creaking or squeaking...except for one, but it's not bad at all.
Second coat of primer from the top.

Second coat of primer from the bottom. Renae actually liked it, and just wanted me to leave them like this. I thought about it, but felt like they would still be unfinished.
Of course Logan had to come help his daddy when I was putting down the semi-gloss on the sides and treads.

Then he realized I was making my way down, and safely guided my foot down to the next step.

Then when he got me safely to the ground, he began inspecting some of my work on cut ins.
The next day I was back at it, and taped off the stairs for the blue coat.

Logan thought that he would give me some tips and pointers before I began working. He's quite a natural.

I used the same blue that is on the bottom half of the office walls to tie it in with the room. At this point I was very pleased with how it was turning out.

After the paint dried, I added black carpet sections to the stair treads.

Looks a bit different from that first shot doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warren, PA Home of the...Let me know when you find out!!!

This past week all of us teachers had to travel to various locations around the state of Pennsylvania for PSSA testing. After everything was all said and done I ended up with the assignment to travel to Warren, PA. Never heard of it until this past year...but a bunch of other people have...and they always responded the same way

"Ohhhh, there is nothing out there!"

Well they were all right! Honestly you are driving through the Allegheny National Forest, and then BAM! There is Warren, PA.

It was a rainy day when we drove in, and it brought along with it that ominous feeling. I mentioned to Ben, the co-worker I was traveling with, that it looked like the town was shut down. Little did we know, on Monday nights the city actually is for the most part shut down. We were lucky to find one restaurant that was open...and I do mean that we were lucky, the food was good and the people that ran the place were very kind.

We had a blast. We ate well, we meet some locals, or kids were awesome, there were haunted places and institutions for the mentally insane...but we had fun.

Here are some pics and back stories from the trip:

As a PSU Alumni, I felt ashamed that I have never been to State College and visited Main Campus...well this all changed on our voyage out to Warren..

I had to stop and get a picture with the man, the legend, the ICON and so we did!

After lunch I would not drop the idea of visiting the creamery, and so Ben was kind enough to drive around the building while I ran inside to get a milk shake.

There were so many choices, and so I dug deep and went with what I know best...Cookies and Cream. This way I could compare it to others that I had...and it was by far the creamiest...I was impressed.

After we finally arrived (about 6 1/2 hours total, with our PSU trip) we checked in. It's been a long time since I have had this much counter space to myself :) and not cluttered :)

Nice to have everything right where you need it...including the coffee maker with single serve gourmet coffee!

This is what it was all about. I loved the flat screen tv and the corner desk...but this King sized bed freaking made it so hard to get out of bed in the morning. It literally swaddled me, and the pillows were like thousands of tiny fingers massaging my head...

After checking in, we decided to take in some of the local life. We walked around the center of Warren, and discovered that there were a lot of dead soldiers from Warren from various times in history. As well, as the members of Warren we invaded by the French in the 1800's and lost...but later the French left Warren and the town was reclaimed.
Our first meal, taking in the best...we at the time the only...cuisine that Warren had to offer. These were home made pepperoni balls...very good!

Then we ordered their famous smoked ribs...which were awesome. We did not realize that we also got fresh bread, a salad with a home made dressing and about 40 hot sauces to choose from.

The next day while setting up for testing, I found the box of Mento's (my fav bc of my Mom-mom) and so I had to pose cigar style with a strip of Mento's

Drove past a Tim Horton's on our scouting on day 2, and had to stop in because my friend Darrell has told me all about Tim Horton's from around his home town in Canada.

So we bought a bag of Tim Horton's coffee...

but I couldn't wait, so I also bought an iced coffee.

This seemed to be very typical of Warren. If they were open...they weren't really there. We saw this around 3:00 and it was still hanging there well after 4:00.

Since we were only a few minutes away from NY, we drove up to the state border and got some pictures. We tried to eat at a local saloon in NY, never in my life did I feel like I was in the wrong part of town. I think we were in and out of this place in under a minute.

Had to pose with Smokey!

We didn't make it happen this time, but next time I think we are going to road trip it for WINGS!!!

This was right across the street from us. Apparently it used to be a Psychiatric PA uses it to house the Criminally Insane...YAY for it being right across from us!!!!