Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Milestones: The Moment We've Been Waiting For!

It's really not fair to say that Logan started walking when he was 10 months old...but he wasn't quite 11 months we'll just say that he started walking at 10 months 3 weeks 1 day old!

It took place in a few different steps. We noticed that he was standing more and more confidently on his own and were just waiting for him to take the first steps. It always seemed like he wobbled a little, thought about it, then just plopped down and would crawl.

However, when we were at Mom-Mom's this past Saturday Logan saw something that Renae had and left my hands and took two very definitive steps to her before he realized what he was doing and just lunged for Renae with his hands out to grab her. We both thought the same thing and immediately looked up at each other with much excitement.

For the next part I need to mix a little flashback in with what happened on Sunday morning. When I am home and run upstairs, Logan will go the bottom stair and grunt and sometimes let out some cries to get my attention. I will come down to him and show him how to lift his legs up on the stairs and we'll climb the "mountain" together. Well, on Saturday night that happened...and so I helped Logan climb up the stairs to his bedroom where we played for a couple hours. On Sunday morning I am heading up to get my clothes laid out and I hear Renae calling for me to come to the stairs. There is the little guy on the third step...and he climbed the entire stair case to the top (with a little bribery) and then shut the safety gate.

That only leads into Monday morning...we were playing with Logan because I was off of work. And he took three very strong and definitive steps from Renae to me. We tried to get him to do it a couple more times with some success...and then we attempted to catch it on video.

Logan Climbing on the Stairs

Logan Taking Steps from Mommy to Daddy

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to Baby Proof... Which Might Also be Daddy Proofing

As I showed you in the Thoughtless Tuesday Post, Logan had made a mess with the Tupperware the other night. From that situation came the following conversation:

Renae: looks like we are gonna have to put the latches on the cabinets now
Me: Yeah, definitely 
Renae: It'll probably have to be sooner than later
Me: Well hopefully I'll get it done by the end of my break
Renae: You better get it done by the end of your break. 

So, hence this blog post...which I am sure will be the first of many posts on us "baby-proofing" our house (I place that in quotes, because I am sure that the house will never be baby-proof). And the reason why it might be Daddy-proof as well??? Probably because of the 5 or 6 times I tried to open the cabinets (only minutes after the latches were installed) and forgot that they had the new latches on them.

Here is just the beginning...

We noticed that Logan is very observant. He sees when we plug our laptops into the walls and then he tries to pull the plugs out. Today I walked into the dining room to him playing with my laptop cord...time for the outlet covers!

He was a little confused on why it wasn't going in...but he was determined to figure it out...o boy!

Then it was time to bust out the big guns!!!! Haven't touched this guy much since the December projects...o yeah!

Gathered the necessary equipment for this job :)

Hired the much needed help...he held my screw gun in place while I was getting the screws ready.

The first latch of many!

He really wanted to be in the whole process...but was kind of timid when the drill made noise.

I still don't know whether he was trying to help steady my left arm, or tickle my right arm...but we got the job done!

Now it was time to test out the latch system...yeah he was frustrated...and then bored.

At least the Logan Level kitchen cabinets are come the drawers...and then the bathroom! Sorry for the messy under the sink shot! (Renae probably cares more about what it looks like than I do).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Trip to Mom-Mom's: A Blast from the Past

Since work allowed me to work from home on Friday I felt like I had a good amount of time just being around Renae and Logan. So on Saturday, after running with Andy, I thought it might be nice to surprise my mom with a visit from the little man since she hasn't really had some quality time with him in a while. So after getting all cleaned up we packed the diaper bag and hit the road.

Mom-mom was more than happy to have Logan down for a visit. My fun began when she got some toys for him to play and they just happened to be the same toys that I remember playing with as a little kid. Memories flooded me within seconds. The first thing was the Little People farm set that we had. I remember playing with that set on my parents old green carpet in the living room with the sun pouring in from the bay window. Some of the pieces were missing...but the memories were all there.

The second thing she brought out was a peg board that had very colorful stackable pieces in various shapes. As soon as I saw it I remembered being at my grandparent's house, because they are the ones who bought the sets, and playing with them down in their family room. It was cool to see Logan playing with toys that I played with 15-20 years ago. Here are some pictures from our fun visit with Mom-Mom:

Come on now! You know what I'm talking about...we are missing the farmer and the gates...o and I believe there was a siloh that went with the set...but this was still good enough for me!

You better believe her did not have a tough time taking his snacks from Mom-Mom

Here he even stopped in mid-stuff to look at the camera.

He enjoyed them so much, that he left a little bit on his lip for later....sorry it's blurry, but the smile was priceless in this one.

Than it was time to bust out the stacking blocks and board.

As you can see here, Renae and Mom-Mom had to protect the towers they were building from the tiny hands of destruction belonging to none other than Logan.

So he would sit and enjoy the blocks in his own little way....

Until you weren't paying attention!!!! And then he would knock them all down with a little smirk on his face.

Two towers go up...Logan sees them...

Logan destroys them...

And then laughs at all the pieces laying on the floor.

LOL he had one stuck in between his toes, but Mom-Mom saved the day!

Then there was time to climb on Mom-Mom

He also taught Mom-Mom how to babble by flicking your lips with your finger.

And when Mom-Mom turned on him and gave him raspberries...he denied her with a palm to the

But all in all they enjoyed hanging out together on this surprise visit to Mom-Mom's

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Totally Thoughtless Tuesday

For today's blog there is no rhyme or reason to the photos that I am posting. I love including pictures and videos of the little guy wherever I can. I always try to think of a theme or an event from the day, but as I was uploading pictures to Shutterfly last week I realized that there are tons of just random enjoy Totally Thoughtless Tuesday!

 Last week, my work announced that we would be working from home every other Friday from Feb 17 to the end of the school year. I was more than happy to hear this news because now It means that I get to spend more time around Renae and Logan...something that I never thought would happen! Logan thought he would help me in lesson help tutoring some math students :)

 I did get a little distracted with my ADD (not really diagnosed, but I swear I have it) when I looked out the back door windows because I heard some noise near the trash. Saw this little guy pick up a jar of empty peanut butter from our recycling bin and carry it over to our tree to get a deeper look inside.

 Here is my final set of pictures from that Friday. After getting all my work done and getting in a nice run, I just wanted to run out to a couple different stores and shop around for some good deals. I was originally planning on taking Logan with me because he was acting a little fussy and I wanted to give Renae a break. However, we decided that it might not be the best deal because of his fussiness and that I was going to be out during dinner time.

Renae sends me a text message while I'm out simply saying..."And it begins..." Then it was followed up with one of these pictures.

Looks like we will have to get out the safety latches and batten down the cabinet doors. Unfortunately I think I am to blame because the night before I was holding Logan up on the counter top and showing him how to open the door for the dishes....oops!

Bonus Shots
Here are some bonus pictures...I have been trying to find a way to get them into the blog. So why not now? Apparently when Mommy is doing her house cleaning throughout the day Logan has learned to help her...I secretly think it's because he doesn't get to play while Mommy if he helps her get it done quicker, then they can play more!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pre Valentine's Day Surprise Date Night

So last week I jut took a week off from blogging because my weekend was whisked away while I was at a leadership conference for Young Life. I hadn't been feeling well for the previous week, so going in to this past week I was already defeated. However, I am feeling better (still not 100%) but enjoying the fact that I know I have off of work on Monday!!! So I am getting my posts back to normal :)

The guy in the picture is one of my best friends. In fact we always say that we aren't friends, but we are brothers. I have known Jason for probably 12-13 years, and we have been really close friends for about 10 of those years. He and his wonderful girlfriend, Bethany, decided that they wanted to do us a favor. We were so blessed that night, and are blessed to have people in our lives that care about us as much as they do... and so here is how things happened.

I have been trying to get Uncle Jason to go for a run with me for a couple of weeks now. We finally settled on a time that would work for both of us. Right before we took off to go for the run he asked if Renae could come downstairs because he had something special that he wanted to share with us. I honestly had no idea what the news might I was really caught off guard.

He mentioned that after our run Bethany would be coming over. They had each chipped in to buy us gift cards for a date night down in the beautiful borough of West Chester. I was floored and couldn't really believe that they did that for us. So, we went for our run, while Renae made sure that everything was in order for Logan. Uncle Jason put one stipulation on the deal....we had to use them that night, or else he and Bethany were going to take them back and use them for their own date night. WOW! We weren't about to pass up this deal!!!

Here are some pictures from the night:
A little gift card to amazing serve yourself frozen yogurt shop in West Chester...also happens to be one of Renae's FAVORITE spots.
Gift cards to Iron Hill Brewery...a great restaurant right in the center of the town of West Chester....great food!
I showered and Renae got Logan set. We left the little guy with Jason knowing that he was in good hands with Uncle Jason. And I could be wrong, but I think it was his first time baby sitting!
One thing I love about Iron Hill Brewery is that they have an awesome selection of hand crafted beers. I rarely drink out, and seldom have beer in the house...but when you are at a place like this you must have at least one.

They had a red lager which I had to try, and it was probably one of the best that I have ever had.

We meant to take pictures of our actual meals, but we were so hungry that we talked and ate, and ate and talked...before we knew it there was nothing left but garnish and a nibble of a bread stick :)
Now that dinner was done, we made our way down to Kiwi to enjoy some frozen yogurt.

One of the things we love about Kiwi is that you serve yourself. As the sign says, you choose your flavor then add your toppings and then you weigh and pay! It only costs 49 cents an ounce, which isn't bad depending on good of a judge on weight you are.

There were many flavors to choose from, some were new and some have been there for a while...but I was advised to choose one in particular from Uncle Jason.

So I chose the Milky Way...and man was I glad that I did. This bad boy was stellar (haha get it stellar, like outer space)...o boy

The hard thing was trying to decide which toppings would go best with the Milky Way flavor...none of these seemed to fit....

But hidden in this section was the Milk Chocolate Crunch, which I thought would go perfect.

Lol, looking at the topping now it kinda looks funny...but trust me after mixing it all in....this was an awesome dessert. As you can see Renae mixed a couple of flavors (mint and peanut butter...not mixed together) and then she topped them off with crushed Oreo bits.
 We were not thinking about doing anything this year for Valentine's Day because of Logan and finances. However, this little surprise came through and rocked our worlds. We are very grateful and thankful for what Jason and Bethany did for us that night. It gave Renae and I some time to just be ourselves and enjoy each others company as well as prove to us that we could probably run out more often like that in the middle of a week.

Thank you Jason and Bethany...we love you guys!