Monday, December 31, 2012

Logan Keeps Us Smiling

One thing that is for sure is that Logan keeps Renae and I smiling. We cannot believe that our little guy will be two years old in just a few short months. We are excited that he is getting older, but we are sad to see how quickly time is flying seems like it was just yesterday that we were sitting at the dinning room table eating dinner wondering if it was going to be the night that we were going to wake up and rush to the hospital to welcome our new baby. Today's photos/videos are courtesy of my iPhone :-)

Here is the little guy on his first day in this world:

This is just a simple video of him when he thought I was going to take his picture, he stops to ham it up and say CHEESE!

This is what happens when Mom-Mom recycles an old McDonald's Happy Meal toy from my younger days:

Last But Not Least, Our First Snow of the Winter:

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holy December! Pt 2 - REAL Family Photos

Most people only see the finished product of a family photo session. Out of possible hundreds of photos, only a handful are ever displayed. But that is not us...Renae and I are real... and we like to show things how they really happen. Thanks to our Canon Rebel DSLR, the tripod, and our wireless remote...I was able to capture every moment of our family photo session!

Oh, and I gave Logan a head lamp one day while my dad and I were working on a project...he is now obsessed with the lamp...every time we try to take it away from him he hence the headlamp in every single photo with Logan's death grip!

* We lost a good amount of pictures because we left a scratched filter on the lens with added green dots all over our photos.

The Final Product (unedited, and needs some editing):
Note the green dots all over the center of the picture :-(

A nice little smile from the man who wouldn't put down daddy's head lamp :-)

The Process it Took to Get There:
Logan, only wanting Mommy...that takes a turn in a little bit...

Trying to get Logan to look at the camera...and Mommy is apparently hungry for baby!

Gotta love the getting the hair flipped and ready shot!

Who left the toddler alone?

Then there was a poop or a fart...that's one way to ruin a photo :-)

Not really sure, what we were thinking here.

Then this started...

And went on...

And on...

My Personal Favorites:

Probably because we were all relaxed and had just stopped trying at this point.

This one mainly because after he stopped crying he didn't want me to let him go :-)

This is a fun one because we are all smiling nicely and honestly, Logan looks freakin' adorable!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holy December!

WOW! It has been a  really long time since I have posted on this blog. I think I had a couple of spurts back in August and then nothing...

I thought I would kick it off with a little bit of what took place in the month of December, and the merge into some of the projects I had been working on over the past couple months, what's been happening with the family (we're growing), and try to be more diligent with keep you all updated throughout this upcoming year.

Since Christmas was just a couple of days ago, I thought that I would share some Christmas related photos/videos.


First Things First, We Had to Visit Santa!

Last year we discovered this steal of a deal, and thought we would do it again this year. Bring your own people and camera, and the pictures with Santa are free (at Waterloo Gardens in Exton, PA).
 Logan was a little scared of Santa this year, but who would blame him??? We are pushing him to sit on the lap of a guy he doesn't really know!

The friends that we went with were nice enough to take a few family photos of us and Santa!
Then, There Was the West Chester Christmas Parade!

This was great to spend time with the family, here is my brother and I with our kids!
Logan and cousin Emmy anxiously awaiting the start of the parade...not sure what face he is making here :-p

The only thing that really broke Logan out of his "coma" was the candy cane that we gave him.
Next, On to the Cutting of the Tree
Getting ready to find the perfect tree!

You gotta make cutting down the tree look I right?

I mean, looking good just comes natural to these too :-)

And we're off...
Here is  Logan trying to lead us to the perfect tree...note how Renae mentions that I teach him bad things like eating snow :-) I thought that's just what us guys do!

Mommy and Logan spotted the perfect tree!

Then it was time for the real man's job...remember, I said you gotta make it look good!

Logan supervised the tree felling process.

And there you have it!

Now to get it up the the tree baler...

And from there...on to the roof of the car..notice the vest and hat were gone...I worked up a sweat with the tree and Logan.

Don't wanna lose this bad boy on Routes 322 or 30.
As luck would have it, we ran into people we knew from they took a family photo for us :-)

Then into the living room...

And then unwrapped...notice I am now down to a t-shirt :-)

And Logan inspected the lights.
I think that is a good stopping point for today's photo story blog, I'll pick up where we left off tomorrow ;-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Days: Family Vacation

Back in June we had the privilege of going on vacation with Renae's family to Rehoboth, DE. We had a blast being able to get away for a while and to just relax. I know that Renae was happy to have multiple people around to help out with the little man so that she could just be herself for a while.

It was great being able to hang out with the brothers for a little bit, have dinner together, sit out on the beach and read, play around the pool and most of all just not have an agenda. One of my favorite moments was getting up early one morning and driving to Lewes, DE and grabbing a latte at a quaint coffee shop and sitting outside while reading my morning devotional book.

Here are some memories from vacation:

Logan watching the turtle.

When he was on the move...he was on the move!

Then there was the local playground...don't mind the caution tape in the was safe.

Oma had a fun time playing with Logan on the playground and showing him how she can zip down the slide!

Then Logan had to show her how he can zip down the slide!

Just enjoying some ice cream on the board walk.

This is how we roll! Look at those blue eyes and tan...what a stud.

Then back to the playground.

On the real hot days we skipped the beach and went to the pool.

I had to teach Logan how to properly get into a pool on a very hot day :-)

He enjoyed being like daddy, but wasn't ready for the full immersion into the water :-)

He worked his way in gradually.

And then he finally got in when he was safe in daddy's arms.

The poor man couldn't make it to dinner time and fell asleep on me...and you can totally see my thigh up my shorts in this shot...good thing I was wearing underwear!

Our view from dinner on the dock.

After he woke up and ate all he wanted to do was to run through the restaurant.

Mark and Amanda.

Renae, Logan and I.

Oma and Granddad.

Just chillin...I dunno...maybe future abercrombie or gap model???

He loves ice cream...just like his momma!